Flower Care

If your bouquet will not be shipped or delivered until the next day, please keep it in water in a cool place.  Flowers are very fragile.  Please keep them out of the heat and be careful when handling them.  We can enhance only to a point; how your flowers arrive will determine how well they will preserve.

  • Hand-tied bouquets have the stems exposed at the bottom which will need to be kept in 2-3 inches of water so they can drink.  A great place to put them is in the front of the middle rack in the refrigerator.  Most lettuce will freeze in the back of your fridge and so will your flowers (and the ribbon will dry).  If your bouquet is too large to stand in a vase of water, wrap the bottom of the stems with a wet paper towel and a plastic bag.  Try not to lay your round hand-tied down.  Prop up the stems as we don't want the flowers to bruise since this causes black spots during the preserving stage.
  • Cascading or hand-tied posy bouquets designed in an oasis (green foam) holder with the plastic handle will also need to be kept cold and hydrated.  Put them in the front of the refrigerator as soon as possible.  Water the oasis (green foam) and then spray lightly with water or the re-hydrating spray from your shipping kit.  Then lightly cover the bouquet with some plastic wrap.

If you have made a booking at least 2 weeks before your wedding, a special shipping kit with packing instructions will be sent to you.  Then, have a friend or family member who is in charge of packing and sending your bouquet, send it the very next day.  The sooner we receive the flowers, the fresher they are.  If you need to send your flowers without a booking, please refer to the packing instructions and we will be happy to preserve your memories at any time.

Shipping Information

If you have our special Shipping Kit, the instructions are enclosed.  Shipping kits will be sent if you have made a booking within 2 weeks of the event or earlier.

If you have not made a booking, or your event has already happened, please send your bouquet to us via an overnight courier of your choice or Canada Post.  For those customers who have a wedding bouquet or flowers from any occasion or cultural event that you would like preserved, please follow the Flower Care instructions above or the Packing Instructions below. 

Be sure to print the Policies Page, complete ALL information and include in the shipping box.


Packing Instructions:

You will need the following items:

  • A box that is bigger than the bouquet or flowers you are sending.  Keep in mind to leave room for any memorabilia (invitation, picture, initials, etc.).
  • Plastic bags: one small and one large enough to place all of the bouquet or flowers into, with room for a bit of air.
  • Packing material - styrofoam chips, newspaper, paper towels
  • A frozen freezer pack (not returnable), or a sealed  zip lock plastic bag containing ice cubes.  Do not use dry ice.
  • Your name, address, phone number and email address.
  • Your deposit, which can be a cheque, money order or we can do a Paypal transaction.
  • Securely tape the bag of ice or frozen freezer pack to the bottom of the box.
  • Crumple newspaper or layer at least 4" of styrofoam chips on the freezer pack/ice bag. Do not let the flowers touch the frozen pack/ice.
  • Take the bouquet/flowers out of the refrigerator.
  • For the bouquets/flowers designed in the oasis (green foam), pour some water onto the foam then shake off the excess water.  The flowers do not need to be sitting in a pool of water for hours.
  • For the bouquets/flowers hand-tie bouquets with the exposed stems, a wet paper towel and plastic bag will need to be wrapped around the bottom of the stems.
  • Spray the flowers with water then place the bouquet/flowers in the large plastic bag.  Before you seal the bag, blow a bit of air into it so the flowers are not touching the bag.
  • Place the bouquet/flowers carefully on the styrofoam chips or the crumpled newspaper.
  • Fill the rest of the box with the chips or paper making sure that you fill the sides so the flowers do not move around.
  • If you have any memorabilia, we suggest it be put into a zip lock bag and placed on top of everything before sealing the box.
  • Please tape an envelope with your name, home & email address, phone number and your deposit of $100 on the inside panel.
  • Using some packing tape, seal the box and send to us using an overnight courier.


 Contact Us for our shipping address and to let us know the flowers have been sent!

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