How long does my order take?

The entire process will take, 8-10 weeks on average, but may take as long as 14 weeks in rare situations. The great results are well worth the wait.

Preconditioning:: Upon the receipt of your bouquet/flowers photos will be taken for re-design and the before and after gallery purposes. A detailed inventory of the type, number and the condition of each flower will be done. Measurements are taken to ensure the correct custom display size is ordered. Any invitation, photo or memorabilia you want incorporated into the design, will be stored with your customer/job number on it.
The bouquet is then dismantled and each flower is pretreated with a special solution. This helps the flowers to be at their best for the preservation stage.

Preservation: Your bouquet/flowers are disassembled and each flower is then carefully placed in the trays for the preservation process. They are in a controlled and timed state until each one is preserved just right.

Color Enhancement and Sealing: Many flowers preserve perfectly and there are some with imperfections. So each individual flower is examined for enhancement. Some white flowers will preserve a creamy white and some reds will turn burgundy, some pinks may darken as well. It will be your decision if you want them color enhanced. Also bruises may show as brown spots which we will eliminate. Then each flower is sealed to protect it from sunlight and moisture. Your flowers will then be placed in a sealed container with your customer/job number. We will wait for the display unit to arrive and then the design process begins.

Custom Design and Quality Control: When your custom display unit arrives all of the detailed information, invitation, memorabilia and flowers will be inventoried.

This is where my artistic passion for floral design takes me away for many hours to create your flowers into a beautiful one-of-a-kind, custom-designed piece of Floral Art so that you can enjoy your memories for decades.Upon completion of your Floral Art, photos will be taken and an examination will be done one more time. The piece of Art is then sealed from the outside elements and professionally backed and finished. Before it is shipped a re-examination and cleaning will be done. You will be given a call before we ship to insure someone will be there to receive the package.


When and how do I order?

Reserve your spot now and make your display decision after the wedding and honeymoon, or make your decision now; the choice is yours. We recommend that you book more than 2 weeks in advance with your $100.00 deposit so that a shipping kit can be sent to you.

Shipping info: If your wedding is right away please call 780-929-2989 or toll free at 800-204-3617 as soon as possible to discuss the arrangements. Your deposit will be applied to the balance when your display choice has been made.


How do I get my flowers to you?

In order to assure the best results Always N Forever will provide you with a Free shipping kit. This special delivery kit and packing instructions will be sent to you 2 weeks in advance of your special day. This kit contains everything you need: re-hydration spray which seals the moisture into the flowers, packing materials, small ice pack, detailed instructions and an addressed shipping label.

If you live close to Campbell River we can arrange a pick-up or delivery time.
Remember it's best to assign a friend or a family member to do this task for you as you will be too busy with your honeymoon. As soon as possible the person that you have chosen should ship your bouquet. The fresher the flowers are, the better the results. If you need to send your flowers without a booking, please refer to these packing instructions and we will be happy to preserve your memories at any time.


I am getting married in Las Vegas or another destination.  Can you still preserve my bouquet?

Yes, you will need to ship them the fastest way, making sure to let the airline know not to freeze the contents. By this time you will have prebooked and paid your deposit so all you need to do is follow the packing instructions. When you return we can set up your free consultation time.


Do I still need to pay a deposit?

Yes, a $100.00 deposit is required before or at bouquet drop off, or at the time of shipping. This is for the preservation of the flowers and is non-refundable. The remaining balance is due after our consultation and when the display is chosen. All of the display cases and domes are custom ordered for your piece of floral art, and the balance is necessary at this time.


How long does the whole process take?

The preservation of your flowers can take up to 2 weeks depending upon the flower. Mounting is the labor intensive part of the process. As you can imagine, at certain times of the year there is a great workload. What takes the longest is receiving the custom display case. In total your order may take 8-10 weeks.


Will my flowers fade?

Yes, but very slightly. We encourage you to keep your floral art out of direct sunlight because the flowers will fade slightly over time from ultra violet rays. This fading is natural just like your furniture or curtains. It is called Victorian shading. We do not warranty fading because it is a natural occurrence. Please keep in mind that the condition the flowers are in when we receive them will play a role in how well they preserve. The fresher the better. Let your florist know you plan to preserve your bouquet so you need the flowers to be very fresh. The preservation process will turn your white flowers a creamy color; red flowers will darken towards a burgundy shade. Some enhancing will be done if need be.


Can I just have my flowers preserved?

No, to ensure the longevity of your flowers, all preserved flowers must be protected by a sealed display case. We offer excellent quality and a range of display units and styles and prices for your choosing.


I would like to gift my bridesmaids with the preservation of their bouquets.  Do you have a special for this?

The preservation of the groom's boutonniere and one bridesmaid bouquet is free. Then we will give you a quote on the rest of the order. Please call for your quote.


How do I pay for my order?

We accept cheques, money orders, PayPal and of course cash. I know this may be a bit inconvenient for some but you can use your credit card to process the PayPal payment. Your deposit is paid at the time of your booking and the balance is due when the details are finalized so there are no problems with cheques.


What is included in the price?

The price includes pretreating and preservation of your flowers, display case, replacement ribbon if necessary, a consultation with our designer and the artistic re-creation of your bouquet. With ovals and shadow boxes; the back mat and UV-protected acrylic or glass is included.


Do I need to select a display now?

No, you may make your display decision after the wedding and honeymoon, or you can make your decision now, the choice is yours.